The PixelJunk Series Debuts on iOS with ‘Eden Obscura’ That Is Now Available for Free

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Q-Games finally brings their popular PixelJunk franchise to mobile platforms beginning with iOS. Eden Obscura (Free) released on iOS over the weekend. Originally announced a year ago, Q-Games announced the release date for both iOS and Android over at BitSummit, the indie game festival, in Japan. This is a spinoff to PixelJunk Eden and has some gorgeous visuals and great music. Watch the trailer for Eden Obscura below:

There are loads of console or PC only game franchises that feel right at home on mobile. PixelJunk has always been in that category. Now that Eden Obscura is finally available on iOS as a free game with in app purchases, I’m curious to see the reception it gets. If you use Android, the wait isn’t much longer because Eden Obscura should hit Google Play on June 1st. It will also be free with in app purchases.

I first discovered Baiyon through the remixes in the Sword and Sworcery EP Japanese release before getting into the PixelJunk Eden soundtrack. Eden Obscura uses your device camera to overlay its own gorgeous designs into the real world with various filters and tweaks giving it a trippy augmented reality kaleidoscope feel. It is now available for free on the App Store and will hit Google Play on June 1st.

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