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‘Eden Obscura’ Launching on iOS May 18th and Android June 1st as a Free to Play Game

It was just about a year ago that developer Q-Games announced that they’d be bringing their popular PixelJunk series to mobile devices by way of a new game called Eden Obscura, which would be a follow-up to their 2008 release PixelJunk Eden. It was welcome news as many people have long thought that the bite-sized nature of the various PixelJunk games would be a perfect fit for mobile play, and with them always being envisioned as digital download titles even before that sort of thing became the norm it all just sort of made a lot of sense to bring the series to mobile in some fashion. We’ve been anxious to hear when Eden Obscura would finally see the light of day, and with the annual BitSummit indie game festival taking place in Japan over the weekend Q-Games felt it was just the right time to announce that Eden Obscura will be arriving on iOS at the end of this week on May 18th.

The news was broken by none other than Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert on Twitter, and Baiyon, the DJ and multimedia artist responsible for the trippy visuals and chill tunes in both PixelJunk Eden and Eden Obscura (among many others), expanded on that by announcing that an Android version will follow shortly after the iOS release and should be arriving June 1st. The timing is not all that surprising seeing as Eden Obscura was originally announced and first shown off in a playable state at last year’s BitSummit show, so it feels like things are coming full circle with the release dates coming at this year’s event. We’ll really be looking forward to getting our hands on Eden Obscura when it arrives on iOS this Friday.