New iPhone Games on Our Forums: Bardbarian, No Heroes Allowed, Volcano Tower, and More

The weeks of 2018 are absolutely racing by as another Wednesday full of iOS game releases is upon us. This particular Wednesday falls on National Sea Monkey Day, but did you know that Sea Monkeys aren’t anything exotic, they’re just brine shrimp, like you might feed your fish? Well, now you know. In gaming news, I’m pretty excited for the Bardbarian re-release as we loved that game when it first hit the App Store back in 2014. Volcano Tower also looks pretty sweet:

As usual, here’s all the new games that have been posted in our forums lately. I expect a bunch more will pop up during the day, I’m just posting this pretty early to make up for how late I was last week!

As usual, stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening.