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Combat Kart Racer ‘Rev Heads Rally’ Launching on iOS May 17th

Last month we introduced you to a really cool looking upcoming kart racer called Rev Heads Rally, which was in production from Faily Brakes developer Spunge Games and was shooting for release at the end of April. Well, Spunge didn’t quite hit that target timeframe, but the good news is that Rev Heads Rally is now all finished up and today they’ve announced a release date for the iOS version of May 17th. Don’t worry Android folks, they’re working on that version too and it should be arriving “a few weeks after the iOS release." To coincide with the release date announcement Spunge has also released a brand new trailer for Rev Heads Rally, check it out.

I really enjoy all of Spunge’s other mobile games and I’m really eager to have a new kart racing game on mobile, so as you can imagine I’m pretty stoked for the release of Rev Heads Rally. It seems to have a colorful cast of drivers and vehicles which you can customize and upgrade across the game’s 20 different Cup Series. I also like that when you blast an opponent there’s actually some damage happening with their tires going flying and even drivers getting launched from the kart, which you don’t always see in these kart racers. Rev Heads Rally will be free with ads and an IAP to remove them, so look for it on iOS when it hits next week and until then drop by the forum thread for some discussion.