Huge “Divided” Update Available for PikPok’s ‘Into the Dead 2’

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You don’t typically expect huge production values and interesting story elements in a free to play runner, but that’s exactly what PikPok was shooting for when they released Into the Dead 2 (Free) back in October of last year. Building on the tremendously creepy atmosphere of the first game, Into the Dead 2 also brought with it a complete story-driven campaign with actually decent voiceover work and interesting twists and turns. Fans really ate up the story elements in the game, and have been clamoring for stuff like it in Into the Dead 2. As was hinted at over the past few weeks, PikPok is delivering just that with their just-launched Divided content update. This is a limited time story event, and here’s the description in the developer’s own words:

“Following endless fan requests for an expanded storyline, Into the Dead 2 is thrilled to present Divided – a brand new live event experienced through the eyes of fan favourite U.S. Army Corporal Garcia. Set in a zombie-infested swamp after a military aircraft crash, Divided follows Corporal Garcia as she fights to get her squad to the rendezvous point in time. During the live event, players will be able to arm themselves for free with the ASH-20 Breacher – Into the Dead’s first ever deep magazine, high fire rate automatic shotgun! The ASH-20 Breacher will be available for players to earn and upgrade by completing the event."

This new story event also brings with it some cool new features to Into the Dead 2:

  • NEW SQUAD COMPANIONS: With your squadmates by your side, you no longer have to fight alone! Employ squad commands to increase your chance of survival.
  • NEW ENVIRONMENTS: Slay the horde in new swamp and marsh based environments! Featuring new levels, water interactions, and immersive effects.
  • NEW STRUCTURE: Choose from 5 different difficulty tiers and complete every tier to win all the rewards!

Overall, this Divided event sounds like a great thing for fans of the game. This also opens the door for similar story-driven expansions in the future, and based on the reactions to the Divided event already, I’m guessing PikPok will be readying even more updates like this for down the road. You can grab Into the Dead 2 right now from the App Store for free and the new Divided story event will run from today until May 11th, so be sure to check it out.

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