Akuma from ‘Street Fighter’ Joins the Roster in ‘Tekken Mobile’ for a Limited Time

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Following a lengthy soft-launch, Bandai Namco finally released their mobile version of Tekken (Free) to the masses this past February, offering up a highly-polished version of the swipe fighting that has proven so popular in the mobile world with games like Marvel Contest of Champions, Injustice, and the sublime Skullgirls. As long as you enjoyed the streamlined fighting mechanics and the somewhat convoluted free to play shenanigans, Tekken Mobile is one of the better swipe fighters on the App Store, with high-end graphics and the unique and fun Waza Card combat system that allows you more agency in stringing together cool combos. This week, Bandai Namco has released a new update for Tekken Mobile which includes a bit of a crossover with longtime frenemy fighting game series Street Fighter as Akuma joins the roster as a new playable character. Check him out.

Unfortunately Akuma’s appearance in Tekken Mobile will only be for a limited time as he’ll be leaving the game at the end of May. During that time though, “This popular character will bring all his exclusive skills to the stage as well as new content, including a story arc, live events, customization items, and a brand new Waza card called “Special." Akuma isn’t the only new character in this update though, as Tekken’s own Jin Kazama arrives as a permanent playable character. This update also adds a local versus mode which works over Bluetooth or Wifi, and I’m definitely curious to see how that works in practice. But I have no friends! So if you’re a Tekken Mobile player who does have friends in real life, let me know how that local versus mode turned out, thanks in advance. The new update is available now but Akuma will only be sticking around until the end of May, so check him out while you can.

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