PikPok Teasing a Big ‘Into the Dead 2’ Update

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Last fall, PikPok took their highly atmospheric and creepy first-person zombie apocalypse runner/shooter hybrid Into the Dead (Free) and expanded on it in every way imaginable with the sequel Into the Dead 2 (Free). This included improving the visuals a ton, adding in all sorts of new weaponry, expanding the upgrade system, adding additional environments to run in, and creating hand-crafted levels with a full campaign and compelling storyline rather than the endless nature of the first game. Overall it seems to have been quite the hit with players, amassing more than 13 million downloads as of mid-February. PikPok has been good about keeping the content updates flowing following Into the Dead 2’s release last October, adding in new weapons and features and hosting various special events. Today, they’re teasing what they’re calling the “biggest update yet" to Into the Dead 2, and you can probably guess why by checking out the teaser trailer.

Yes, while the original release of Into the Dead 2 focused on the story of a father fighting his way through the zombie apocalypse to be reunited with his family, this update appears to focus on something entirely different. With the tagline of “How far will you go to save your squad?" it looks like this update, which is being called the Divided update, deals with a new set of characters, and all signs point to it being a military platoon getting split up in the chaos of the zombie attack and you having to track down your squad mates and rescue them. I thought the whole narrative aspect of Into the Dead 2 was incredibly well done, thanks to great production values and actually good voice acting. I’m definitely interested in seeing a new story arc develop, or even if this one is somehow an expansion related to the game’s regular main character. Whatever the case I’m excited, so expect more teasing on the Divided expansion in the coming weeks.

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