‘Hearthstone’ Devs Detail the Monster Hunt Mode

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Hearthstone’s (Free) latest expansion, The Witchwood, has been out long enough now for everyone to crack open all their packs and get to dabbling in the new meta. This is always the most exciting time for me to play games like Hearthstone, as no one has figured out what the “best" decks are yet. Even HS pro players are tweeting about low win rates as everything is in the state of complete chaos that comes from completely jumbling up the card pool. But, if you’re like a lot of players out there and really love the single player content Blizzard has introduced, we got a new tease today from the Hearthstone team revealing all sorts of details on Monster Hunt.

Check it out:

While it’s a bit of a bummer the new mode isn’t playable with all the classes like Dungeon Run was, four totally unique characters that interact with the game in all sorts of new and exciting ways is arguably even better. I particularly love the “nemesis" battles, as you know those are going to be balanced directly for that one hero.

Monster Hunt launches next week, and I can’t wait.

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