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‘Still Here’ is a Beautiful Flying Adventure that’s Launching Globally April 26th

As much as the mobile scene has become entrenched in free to play, it feels like there are more and more high-quality premium games coming out lately from some of the smaller indie developers out there. We’re just a couple of days away from Oddmar releasing, and in a similar “holy moly this is one beautiful game" vein another whimsical adventure is set to arrive later this month called Still Here. In Still Here you’ll play in a near future alternate reality where mankind has vanished from the world, with artificial lifeforms inhabiting the Earth. You’ll play as a “Pip" as you tap to fly through these gorgeous environments, making friends with the AI beings and ultimately trying to figure out what happened to humanity. Check out the gorgeous trailer.

Still Here has actually been in soft launch for a number of months, and has earned quite a following even in its limited release, amassing more than 400,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. And if you can believe it, a game with this sort of polish and high-quality visuals is largely the work of just two individuals, with a couple more jumping in to create the incredible sound effects and music. Why is it that these tiny teams of developers can create things that put some of the largest developers to shame? Whatever the deal, I’m not complaining. If you like the look of Still Here then keep your eyes peeled for it to officially launch on both iOS and Android on April 26th at a price of $3.99.