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Silly Physics-Based Twitch Game ‘Agent Wonky’ is Coming May 3rd and Up for Pre-Order Now

Just a couple of weeks ago, we posted how Tap Hero (Free) developer Michał Walaszczyk was working on a brand new project called Agent Wonky and was looking for beta test participants. Well, the response to the beta test has been great, and now Agent Wonky is pretty much finished up and has an official release date of May 3rd. Agent Wonky utilizes a similar left/right twitch reaction mechanic to the previous Tap Hero, but mixes in some touch gestures to really tax your abilities to recognize and react. Also it features ragdoll physics for no other real reason than to be extra silly. Check out this new trailer to see what Agent Wonky is like in action.

As I mentioned in the post from the other week, Walaszczyk has been using our forums as a developer blog during the creation of Agent Wonky, and it’s a really great read if you’re curious to see a behind the scenes look and how the game has been shaped over the course of the past 5 or so months. Definitely check it out. If you’re just interested in playing Agent Wonky as opposed to how it was created, then you can pre-order it in the App Store right now. Just click on this link on an iOS 11 device and you’ll be taken to the App Store page where you can go through the buying process and when the game launches it’ll just automatically download to your device. If you want to go the old-school method, then simply keep your eyes peeled for Agent Wonky to appear on May 3rd.