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‘Agent Wonky’ is a Silly Twitch Game from the Maker of ‘Tap Hero’ that’s Looking for Beta Testers

Back in August of 2016, developer Michał Walaszczyk released Tap Hero (Free), a twitchy arcade game that challenged your left/right dexterity in a similar fashion to games like Timberman (Free) and many others. It also had some gorgeous pixel art and a great “feel" to the mechanics, and we enjoyed Tap Hero enough to award it our Game of the Week when it released. Now Walaszczyk has taken it upon himself to learn Unity and jump from 2D pixel art to full 3D polygons for his next release. The upcoming game is called Agent Wonky, and it too has a similar twitchy style to Tap Hero in that you’ll be blasting away bad guys approaching from either side of the screen, but you’ll do this by matching the direction and type of swipe that each bad guy has floating above his head. It’s a mechanic that reminds me a lot of the fantastic The Firm ($0.99), as some enemies have red colored arrows over their head which indicates you’ll need to swipe in the opposite direction that the arrow points to, and that’s the type of thing that will twist your brain into knots as the speed of the game increases and the pressure mounts up. Here’s a few gifs showing what Agent Wonky is like in motion.

That top gif is a sample of the general gameplay, the second gif is a look at the many unlockable characters in the game, and the bottom gif is a look at what happens when you mess up a swipe: Basically Agent Wonky gets scared and runs away arms flailing. Since mid-November when Walaszczyk first announced Agent Wonky he’s been keeping a developer blog going in the thread in our forums, and this is the exact type of thing I love seeing on TouchArcade. You can see what humble beginnings the game started from, and then over the course of months you’ll see vast improvements until finally the game is in a very playable state and is even at the point of needing beta testers. That’s pretty much where Agent Wonky is at now, so if you’re interested in testing the game drop by that forum thread and let the developer know. There’s also WAY more gifs and information about the game to check out there too. Hopefully a lot of testers sign up and whip the game into shape so it won’t be too much longer before we’re all enjoying some Agent Wonky silliness.