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‘Planet Runners’ is a Competitive Online Platforming Game that’s Looking for Beta Testers

When I came across the forum thread for an upcoming competitive online platforming game called Planet Runners from developer Happy Doze, I instantly thought to myself “Hey, this is kind of like that game ReRunners that came out not long ago!" and then I went to look up ReRunners and found out that “not long ago" was actually way back in July of 2016. I swear the world of the App Store is like some sort of Twilight Zone time paradox. Anyway, I also learned the sad news that ReRunners is pulled from the App Store as its development is currently on hold as of this past December, though it may come back someday. So, the point of all this is that if you remember ReRunners from our glowing review or our Game of the Week pick, I really think you’ll like the look of Planet Runners! Check out the awesome trailer.

In Planet Runners you’ll race against opponents online in platforming levels and it seems like the main focus of the game will be on simplified control schemes and characters with truly unique abilities from one another, as Happy Doze describes, “Each runner has a distinctive ultimate ability to make life harder for their rivals. Crush your opponents with Ghor or launch a Homing Missile with Rockat." It kind of sounds like the mayhem of blasting away your competitors in Mario Kart but in platforming form. Planet Runners is currently in a small private beta, but Happy Doze is looking to expand the testing pool soon, so if you’re interested in helping shape this promising experience then head over to the forum thread for details on how to sign up for beta testing, and also check out a bit more additional information and animated gifs of the game while you’re there.