SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Don’t Starve’, ‘Sumer’, and New Releases

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Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, where we’re covering some interesting tidbits of news on the Nintendo Switch, and running down all the new releases from the past couple of days! PAX East is going on right now, so expect some news on titles on the show floor to pop out, but actual news might be slow, as PR tries to survive four days in Boston. Still, the flow of new releases continues unabated, and there’s some interesting stuff still happening around the world of the Switch. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Rocket League accidentally reveals Twitch support?

Hmm, this is interesting. There’s seemingly the ability to connect your Nintendo Account to Twitch in Rocket League‘s 1.0.5 update. However, it doesn’t work yet. Is this just a way to get friends? Or perhaps is this going to bring the potential of streaming straight from the Switch? Hmm!

Nintendo provides warning about USB cables

Nintendo has a recommendation for Switch users that are looking for a cable for their system: make sure to use a cable with a 56k ohm resistor. This has often been a problem in the past with USB-C cables that cheaped out by not including the resistor. While many cables now do, you should make sure that the cable you buy includes the resistor in order to ensure safe operation with your Switch.

Don’t Starve comes to the Switch on April 12th

Without much fanfare from Klei, their popular 2D survival roguelike Don’t Starve hits the Switch next week for $19.99. This port is actually quite the good value, as it will include the Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked expansions, so you get a lot of ways to starve to death for not a lot of cash!

New Releases

Sumer ($14.99)

This is described as a “digital board game" but I think that kind of short-changes what Sumer is about. Your objective is to play certain parts of the board to obtain points to please an ancient goddess, but I think there’ something definitely “video game"-y about it, because you have to move your character around to navigate the game board, and positioning and timing play such a role because everyone moves simultaneously, in a way that wouldn’t feel as elegant if everyone was doing this in a tabletop game. I played a round of this at PAX South, and had a ton of fun. Also check out our GDC footage. Definitely consider this one for your next party with friends.

Urban Trial Playground ($7.99)

Another physics-based motorbike game that totally didn’t take inspiration from Trials. Hey, there’s no actual Trials on Switch yet, and I’m always down for more physics-centric racing games like this since they’re fun to pick up and play. It’s just funny how this and other games use the word “trial" so blatantly considering their inspiration.

Sling Ming ($11.99)

Ming’s gotta sling, she’s stuck on rails but she can sling and swing her self around different grapple points to avoid hazards and pick up collectibles. Timing and solid swinging will help you throughout this intriguing adventure.

Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery ($9.99)

Do I really need to explain more about this one? The title provides all the info you could possibly need. Oh, it has cooperative multiplayer as well, so there you go.

Octocopter: Double or Squids ($2.99)

The money they didn’t spend on making a sensical title was instead used to pass the savings on to youuuuuuuuuuuu! You and three other players race through levels in splitscreen action, trying to be the fastest squid in the ocean.

Metropolis: Lux Obscura ($7.99)

This is a noir game, with a story told in motion comic format, featuring dangerous men, femme fatales, and…match-3 gameplay?! Sure, why not.

Super Rocket Shootout ($9.99)

Another port hits the Switch this week. This multiplayer fighting game has you battling your friends, using rockets and other weaponry to defeat all who oppose you. If you have a few extra controllers and want to have a new multiplayer fighting game on your Switch, take this one into consideration.

Infernium ($24.95)

This one didn’t pop up on the eShop release list until it released, which actually makes sense since it’s a survival horror game! Jump scare time, here’s the game! This one is surprisingly bright for a survival horror game, as you explore 17 interconnected levels in a persistent world. However, you can’t kill many of the enemies, so running and acting intelligently will play a major role. The developers make a big note of the game’s accessibility features, with options for players with physical, auditory, and colorblind disabilities. I’m not big on horror, but this one’s coming off as quite the intriguing game.

Sally’s Law ($12.99)

This mobile puzzle-platformer from 2016 sees a new life on the Switch. Sally’s a bit of a round girl, and she has to make her way to her childhood home to see her father, who is near death. She can roll around levels, all the while discovering more about herself, and wondering just why she seems to never get hurt despite obstacles in her path. Hmm! Looks like an interesting title.

Samurai Shodown III ($7.99)

It’s Thursday, which means that Hamster is releasing its arcade ports!And here’s Hamster game number two for the week, a Neo Geo port. Do you enjoy samurais, shodowns, and sequels? Do you have a controller capable of pulling off the crazy joystick motions you’ll have to do in this game? Hamster’s emulation wrapper is pretty solid, you might enjoy this one if you’re into the whole Neo Geo fighting game scene. Still really cool that you can just pick these up and play them anywhere thanks to the Switch and its Joy-Cons. Crazy that Nintendo made it work, didn’t they?

Ninja-Kid ($7.99)

And here’s Hamster game number two for the week! This 1984 arcade game has you climbing mountains, tossing shurikens to achieve its goal. Perhaps this ninja wants to someday kidnap the president. Speaking of which:

Bad Dudes ($7.99)

Johnny Turbo releases its latest Data East port, the game famous for asking if you’re a bad enough dude to rescue the president. I’m really not, and my desire to do so is limited at best, if we’re being honest here. I’m sure the ninjas have their reasons. However, maybe you are a bad enough dude to save the president, and see if this Data East brawler is worth more than its famous line of dialogue!

Dragon Blaze ($7.99)

Another Zerodiv-published Psikyo game! This vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up is typical Psikyo, in that the setting is atypical for a shoot ’em up (here, it’s a quasi-magical mechanical world full of dragons but also bullet hell), and definitely weird and chaotic.

Keep an eye out every weekday for more SwitchArcade Roundups! We want to hear your feedback on Nintendo Switch coverage on TouchArcade. Comment below or tweet us with your thoughts!

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