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GDC 2018: ‘ThunderDogs’ is a Slick Multiplayer Dogfighting Game from ‘Beat Street’ Developer Lucky Kat

Developer Lucky Kat makes some of my favorite mobile games, like Beat Street (Free), Sky Chasers (Free), and Combo Critters (Free). So of course I was excited to see what they had to show off at GDC 2018. Especially because what I saw briefly from them during last year’s GDC was a very early prototype of what ended up becoming Beat Street. This year, Lucky Kat was showing ThunderDogs, a top-down multiplayer dogfighting game. It’s an “.io" game like or or really the any number of similar games that have flooded the market when that genre got popular a year or so ago. The difference here is that wonderful Lucky Kat polish, which is something a lot of these games lack. Even though this was a pretty early build, ThunderDogs should be soft-launching in the next month or two with a full launch planned for later this year. Check out our hands-on video.