You Can Now Check out ‘Life is Strange’ Episode One for Free

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It seems the cadence of episodic game releases on the App Store goes a little something like this: A game that follows a pay-per-episode DLC schedule will be released on the App Store, and it’ll cost money. As more episodes are released, the first episode goes free to entire new players into getting their feet wet in the series and then buying the rest of it. Telltale has been following this model for years now, and it seems Square Enix is following suit with Life is Strange (Free). The whole first episode recently was made available for free, and it’s difficult to think of many people playing through it and not wanting to continue.

We reviewed the first episode when it was first released last year, and the basic premise of the game has you playing as a high school student with the unique ability to rewind time to alter the story. In some cases, fiddling with the timeline will result in good things, and sometimes the results will be terrible- Ya’know, like most time travel stuff.

The art style of Life is Strange is fabulous too, and even if you somehow don’t get sucked in by the story, it’ll be a quick (and now free) visual treat for you to enjoy. Definitely give this one a look.

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