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GDC 2018: We Check Out 3D Platformer ‘Suzy Cube’ at GDC (Again) and Learn it’s Finally Coming this Spring

Suzy Cube from developer NorthernBytes Software hopefully doesn’t need any introduction. We saw it at GDC 2016 and were so impressed we picked it as our game of the show, and then we saw it again at last year’s GDC and it continued to look great. We joked back then that hopefully we wouldn’t be seeing it at GDC again in 2018 because Suzy Cube would already have been released, but… well old Suzy just isn’t quite there yet. However, since our look last year Suzy has since signed on to be published by Noodlecake Games and has made a ton of progress in that time. So we gladly sat down with the developer to take another fresh look at Suzy Cube, and in the process we learned that the game will at long last be releasing this spring and will also be coming to Android and Steam in addition to iOS. Enjoy this new hands-on video and look for Suzy in the next couple of months!