Hatch Rare Pokemon in 2km Eggs, as the ‘Pokemon GO’ Easter Eggstravaganza Returns This Week

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As we begin to see a lot of repeats of major Pokemon GO (Free) events of the past, I’ve only just started to realise that we’re approaching the second birthday of Niantic’s smash hit augmented reality release this Summer. Two whole years! Time flies when you’re having fun on iOS, it seems, and it’s only set to get even more entertaining as we enter the second coming of the Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza event for Easter. In Niantic’s defense, I can’t think of many more suitable puns, so Eggstravaganza 2: Electric Boogaloo will have to suffice for now. Either way, this event is a huge opportunity to obtain some of the rarest Pokemon available in the game, and level up quickly (and maybe even get super fit!) as you do so, with some enticing egg-shaped bonuses available for a limited time.

If you managed to miss the event twelve months ago, the event basically means that any eggs obtained between March 22nd and April 2nd in Pokemon GO will all be 2km ones, and have the potential for any creature to reside inside, no matter what their previous obtainable distance was. Considering the recent introduction of all the Generation 3 Pokemon, this year’s Eggstravaganza has even more rare creatures to walk around your neighbourhood for – that Salamence or Metagross may be slightly more attainable if you really put in the miles over the course of the Easter period. Furthermore, Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi will be more common, bonus Candy and Stardust will also be granted, and there are limited-edition boxes in the in-game shop for you to spend your real money on. In total, certainly a healthier option than indulging in a mountain of Easter eggs. As the horrible winter weather is starting to subside, you really have to excuse to don your cap and head back into Pokemon GO again this week.

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