The ‘Pokemon GO’ Eggstravaganza Easter Event Offers Double Experience and Much More This Week

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Despite the introduction of almost 100 new critters earlier this year, and even though I am unquestionably the most ardent fanboy of the series around, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the initial buzz of Pokemon GO (Free) is beginning to fade somewhat. Thankfully, Niantic are aware that ‘Catching ‘Em All’ is sadly a finite task, and their frequent themed events – such as the splashtacular Water Festival earlier in March – have been a good source of motivation for trainers across the globe to head back out into that long grass. Anyone wanting more promotions within the game will be glad to hear that Niantic are launching a brand new event today to coincide with the Easter weekend. Dubbed the ‘Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza’, Niantic are offering numerous egg related bonuses, double experience and more, from 1pm PDT today until the same time on April 20th.

In this Eggstravaganza event, to complement the aforementioned double experience, lucky eggs will also be 50% off within the in-game shop, which could yield a frankly ridiculous four times XP boost if used in accordance with the promotion. For many gamers who may have been put off playing Pokemon GO because of the prevalence of 3000CP Dragonites under the control of level 30 trainers, this extra experience could help level the playing field, and hopefully make regaining gyms slightly more competitive. Furthermore, more Pokemon are now available within 2km eggs, meaning more elusive creatures that would be restricted to 5km or even 10km eggs could now be available after a measly two-thousand meter walk; the Pokemon hatched from any eggs will also earn even more candy than normal. If this eggcelent event is enough to get you back into Pokemon GO, or if you’re still a devout Pokemon Master, let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.

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