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Critically-Acclaimed Morbid Puzzler ‘Death Coming’ is Heading to Mobile Next Month

Have you ever seen those Final Destination movies? Isn’t it awesome how they come up with those intricate death scenarios? Have you ever wanted to create scenarios like that on your own, but you’re caught up on the moral and legal implications of committing murder? Then the popular puzzler Death Coming is for you. As a recently deceased person, you’ll play Death’s assistant as you manipulate objects in different environments in order to create deaths that appear to be freak accidents so that you can collect the souls and make your new boss happy. It’s a pretty morbid concept but also a really interesting idea for a puzzle game, as the environments have a ton of objects that you can interact with. Check out the trailer for Death Coming to see it in action.

“But Jared," I can hear you saying out loud towards your screen, “I already know all about Death Coming and think it looks awesome but it’s only available on PC!" Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you dear reader, as in fact developer NEXT Studio is porting Death Coming to mobile and plans on releasing it next month. That’s right! Death on the go! For me personally I very rarely ever play games on my computer, mostly because I’ve got my hands plenty full with all the games that come out on mobile on a weekly basis, so while I’ve admired Death Coming from afar I have yet to play it myself, so I’ll just go ahead and add it to an ever-growing list of great PC games I probably would have never gotten around to experiencing had they not made their way to mobile. While no specific release date has been mentioned yet, just know that Death Coming is heading to mobile next month so start planning your elaborate death scenarios now.