‘Papers, Please’ Short Film Premiering Online Tomorrow

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Last summer, we learned that filmmakers Liliya and Nikita Ordynskiy would be doing a film adaptation of Lucas Pope’s award-winning “Dystopian Document Thriller" Papers, Please ($4.99), which made waves when it launched on desktop in August of 2013 and made its way to the iPad in late 2014. If you aren’t familiar, Papers, Please has you playing the role of a border patrol agent who must determine who can and cannot enter the fictional eastern European country of Arstotzka. Sounds like a dull job, but in this dystopian world you’ll hear all kinds of stories and situations from the desperate people trying to cross the border. You’ll have to make some tough moral choices and the answers are not black and white, it’s all a shade of gray. For their part, Liliya and Nikita Ordynskiy have really captured the essence of Paper, Please in film form, as you can see from this preview trailer.

As announced on Facebook this week, the Papers, Please short film is finished and is set to premier tomorrow, February 24th. It’ll premier first on YouTube and then on Steam a few days later. I’m definitely interested in seeing how the game translates to film and am hoping that by being in this more accessible medium it might even introduce a whole new audience to the Papers, Please game. If you want to know our thoughts about the iPad port, check out our full review of Papers, Please and be sure to hop onto YouTube tomorrow to check out the long-awaited short film adaptation.

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