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‘Black Desert Mobile’ Launches in South Korea on February 28th

Pearl Abyss just recently held a short 3 day beta test of their highly anticipated mobile title Black Desert Mobile, a mobile version of their PC hit Black Desert Online. Now Pearl Abyss has announced that a launch in South Korea is coming on February 28th. No western date has been announced yet but the title seems to be drawing massive interest as pre-registration drew in over 4 million people in South Korea.

Black Desert Mobile is an Action MMORPG, much like its big brother on PC. The game has a heavy focus on combat but also has a skill system that seems to have quite a lot of depth. Players can take up fishing, crafting, resource gathering and even sailing. Cooperative play is also present for things like boss battles and PvP combat. Black Desert Mobile is attempting to stand out from other mobile MMORPGs with its incredible graphics and fast-paced ARPG style combat with an in-depth skill system much like the PC version, albeit a bit simplified and tweaked to make it more mobile-friendly.

This is quite possibly the headliner of the massive influx of Korean MMORPGs that will be hitting the US markets this year. Boasting PC level graphics, a huge world to explore and a system that mimics the PC version, Black Desert Mobile has potential to be one of the biggest mobile MMORPGs to hit the platform so far. Early reviews and impressions have been very positive, with most praising the game’s sheer amount of content. It’s important to note that Black Desert Mobile will not have cross-platform support between the mobile version and its big brother on PC and not all features are present, with the skill system and others being entirely reworked.

No western release date has been announced but with so many eastern developers looking to make a splash in the west, you can be sure Black Desert Mobile will see a release in North America before too long. With games like Durango: Wild Land also pending for a western release, Black Desert Mobile will have some competition for the top spot in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as the launch unfolds.