‘Death Road to Canada’ Gets a Surprise Valentine’s Day Update

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Need something romantic to do on Valentine’s Day this year? How about a road trip. Maybe to Canada? Maybe with a horde of deadly zombies trying to kill you the entire way? I really can’t think of anything more romantic than that. Rocketcat Games and Madgarden seem to agree, as they’ve just released a surprise update for their zombie road trip simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99). The centerpiece of this update will be a special Valentine’s Day Event, but of course you’ll need to play on actual Valentine’s Day to see it, so check back in tomorrow for that. When you do, Cupid will join your party and according to the developers “his sayings are VERY romantical" and he’ll be sporting a new weapon, the bow and arrow.

The other not-quite-as-romantic-but-still-pretty-romantic change in this update is the ability for very strong characters to rip out previously fixed items from the environment and use them as weapons. So, certain types of furniture and things like sinks and toilets are now fair game for smashing in the heads of zombies. Nothing screams VALENTINE’S DAY like swinging a toilet around. This update also includes a bunch of tweaks and fixes, as always, which are detailed in the update notes in the App Store.

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock, we loved Death Road to Canada in our original review and it ended up earning our Game of the Year award for 2017. It’s good, yo. A beefier update is planned for March which will focus on new trading camps, but for now I’m quite pleased to get an unexpected Valentine’s update in one of my all-time favorite games, so celebrate appropriately by ripping a toilet out of the ground and swinging it at your loved ones in Death Road to Canada (not in real life).

Link to Forum Discussion: Death Road to Canada (by Rocketcat LLC)

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