‘Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition’ Out Now on iPhone

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Free) is starting to release on iOS. This is a mobile adaptation of the full-sized Final Fantasy XV, with the complete story available in a freemium package, just scaled down a bit. You’ll lose some of the visual quality, replaced with a chibi style, many of the open-world elements, and the combat has been modified to work for the smaller mobile platform. Unlike other mainline Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XV has a lot of action-RPG elements to it, so don’t expect the kind of turn-based gameplay you’d see in other titles. Which just makes the choice of this for mobile a bit more interesting!

However, it should deliver a very similar experience as the full game, just available wherever you want to go. It’s a curious decision for Square Enix to do this, but perhaps it was a way to try and experiment with how users might take to the same content if lightly adapted for mobile…or if somebody just had the idea and the company decided to roll with it.

While Square Enix did some trimming to make Pocket Edition, they did trim some money off of the price. The game is free for the first episode, and the rest of the nine episodes will cost you $19.99 in total. You can buy the episodes individually, which I guess is great if you’re self-aware enough to know that you might not complete the game and want to save a few bucks, I guess? Again, this is definitely not a typical release strategy for a game, but if the concept and pricing model work out for you, then you probably want to check it out.

Over on iOS, the game will require iOS 11.1, and at minimum an iPhone 6S or iPad Air 2 or Mini 4. The game is releasing on Android as well, and will require a relatively modern device with at least 2 GB of RAM on Android. Both platforms will require a lot of storage: 5 GB minimum, and 8 GB for the high-resolution version. Considering how high-resolution current mobile devices are, and the fact that this is a scaled-down version of a massive game for PS4 and Xbox One, don’t fret about the massive size of the app download, though it’s only a few hundred MBs for the initial download, with later chapters downloaded in the app itself.

This should prove to be quite the interesting release both in terms of quality and how it performs on the market. While you can check out our preview coverage for more, if you’re curious if the game is worth your gil, you better believe we have Shaun Musgrave working on a Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition review right now.


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