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Check out the First 20 Minutes of ‘Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition’ at PAX West

When Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was announced late last month, our we raised our eyebrows with some warranted skepticism as to whether or not Square Enix could actually pull off what they were promising: A full featured, mobile version, of their blown-out console title Final Fantasy XV. Well, after spending a good 20 minutes with Pocket Edition on the show floor of PAX West, we’re pretty blown away.

All we really were able to demo was the opening of the game, as well as the earliest quests, but it’s just like the “full" Final Fantasy XV that we remember- Almost to the point of being weird how one to one it is. When something gets a “pocket edition" these days, it seems reasonable to assume it’s going to be packed to the brim with freemium shenanigans, and other gross things that are popular right now in mobile. Not… this.

I’m still very curious how Squeenix is going to handle pricing of the individual episodes, as the game is said to be spread across 10 episodes. It seems reasonable to think those could be $5ish each, making this a $50ish game once it’s all said and done. That’d seem ridiculous for any other mobile game, but would it seem that way for a fully reworked, content complete, pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV?

Regardless, we’re very excited by what we were able to play at PAX, and can’t wait for this to be released on the App Store later this year.