‘Death Road to Canada’ Gets Another Massive Update on iOS

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Death Road to Canada ($14.99) was our favorite game last year, and one of the big reasons we gave it our Game of the Year award was that aside from being an all-around great game, the update cycle Rocketcat Games and Madgarden have been on is just nuts. It seems like multiple times last year I was hitting points where I was like, “Alright, I think I’ve done everything there is to do in this game…" then they’d release another update. Well, keeping in line with the theme of Death Road being the game that keeps on giving, today’s update again provides the opportunity to hop back into the game and try out all the new stuff.

I’ve always considrred Rocketcat games to have some of the best virtual controls on the platform, and they’re still working on refining the touch controls of Death Road to Canada even further. They added some additional tweaks with how all the controls work, so if you weren’t really jiving with them before, give the new options a try. A previous update added the Zombo Point system which provides a lightweight system of constant progress of unlocking things across games instead of being a pure random roguelike. In this update, Zombo Points can be earned by finding golden skulls which randomly spawn in the game world.

Two new rare events were added, “Cursed Treasure" and “Chainsaw Hand Replacement," both of which sound pretty fun. Who doesn’t like chainsaw hands? Additionally, two new city encounters were added, “Sewer Rat" and “Department of Motor Vehicles." Like previous updates, there’s also new characters to find and recruit along with new weapons to wield. Of course like any update there’s also a bunch of other minor tweaks and fixes as well.

Death Road to Canada is an amazing game. We loved it in our review and that was the 1.0 version of the game. It has gotten so much better since then it’s just dumb.

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