‘Krosmaga’ Adds ‘WAKFU’ Series’ Cards in Latest Expansion

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Krosmaga (Free), the fun collectible card game from Ankama, is getting more cards soon, and this time around the cards are coming straight out of the animated series Wakfu. As part of this cross-promotion, Krosmaga will get the “Brotherhood of the Forgotten," a group of characters pivotal to Season 3 of the animated series and who are also appearing in Dofus. The cards from the Wakfu series will make up eight of the 90 cards coming in the “Brotherhood of Oropo" expansion and will represent Oropo, Echo, Toxine, Poo, Arpagone, Bump, Mishell, and Dathura (for those who know the animated series). It’s always fun seeing different media cross their beams, and I’m sure people who like the series will enjoy these new cards.

The expansion will also add three class cards for each of the nine gods already in the game as well as a brand new goddess, Feca. Feca will come with 16 minions and 19 spells, so you can build a strong deck, and will add a new style of gameplay that relies on placing her little army in the best way possible. Krosmaga is a very entertaining card game that plays quite differently than a game like Hearthstone, so give it a try if you’ve been looking for something different.


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