Minimalist Skiing Game ‘Just Ski’ Gets Great New Tutorial, (Slightly) Easier Difficulty, and iPhone X Support

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Indie developer Jeff Weber brought a great take on skiing to the App Store earlier this year with Just Ski ($1.99). The game was built off of similar mechanics to his previous release Krashlander, which used some pretty realistic physics and skiing techniques to have you solving puzzle-like levels. Just Ski’s aim was to take those techniques and apply them to a much longer side-scrolling level where you can focus more on, well, just skiing. The game took a cue from Desert Golfing in having the landscape colors slightly change as you made it further through the game and progressed towards making it to the cabin at the end of the level. Just Ski achieved what it set out to do, but its mechanics were pretty tough for players to grasp. With that in mind Weber has released a new version of Just Ski today that features a much more helpful tutorial which you can see below.

Funnily enough, this is not the first time the developer has tried to help out players by making a tutorial for Just Ski, as he released a similar tutorial just a couple of weeks after the game’s release in May. This new built-in tutorial is much more helpful in my opinion, but dang it all if this game still isn’t tricky to figure out even with an improved tutorial. It’s worth sticking with though, as once things click it’s immensely satisfying to pull off huge jumps and flips. In addition to the new tutorial, this update makes adjustments so that landings are slightly more forgiving, and even adds in support for the full screen of the iPhone X. To top it all off Just Ski is currently on sale for just a buck, so if any of this seems interesting to you and you’re willing to put in some time to learn a game’s mechanics in exchange for a very rewarding experience, I’d suggest checking this one out.

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