‘DomiNations’ Gets Frosty With the New Cold War Update

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Anyone who has been paying attention the last few years will be more than aware of just how jam packed the App Store is with free to play games that have you building bases, upgrading everything, and fighting other players. While that also describes exactly what you do in DomiNations (Free), Nexon’s foray into this genre has a neat twist: Instead of just upgrading your Town Hall, or whatever other main building you have in your base across these different games, in DomiNations you advance through different ages- Sort of like the classic PC strategy series Age of Empires, Civilization, and others.

I’ve always thought this is a cool twist, as it gives you a concrete indicator of progress instead of how (in most of these games) upgrades just get lost in the mix. Starting in the stone age and upgrading through time is really cool, and this latest update adds one more era to work through: The Cold War. Take a look at the trailer-

New units added include the M56 Scorpion tank, the BM-21 rocket launcher, and they’ve changed how the supply drop system works so players will get more freebies while they play. Of course, like any time they add new content to the game there’s a whole bundle of events to play through. This whole genre is done to death, for sure, but as an old school Age of Empires fan, the main mechanics of DomiNations really does it for me.

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