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‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Closed Beta Streams Starts Now

If you want to see what the closed beta for Magic: The Gathering Arena holds, head over to the official Twitch channel right now to watch the first closed beta stream. During this stream, the developers will talk about what the early stages of the beta look like and will also test out some special decks, which should be fun. I don’t know who’s in the closed beta or not (since no one can talk about it yet), but I do know that the closed beta will feel more like a game compared to the alpha because it will stick around and allow players to build a collection, play around with getting and opening packs, and in general give a better idea of what we’re getting with this game.

From what I’ve heard so far, the game is a better version of Duels and brings to PC (and mobile in the future) a client that will finally let Magic players enjoy their favorite game online without having to deal with the issues of Magic Online. So, head over to Twitch to hear more about Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta.