‘QWOP’ Developer’s New Game ‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy’ Arrives on iOS thanks in Part to Zach Gage

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For anyone who has played developer Bennett Foddy’s landmark release QWOP ($0.99), you’ll know that it’s a game that makes the simple act of running into an unimaginably difficult endeavor. Back in October, Foddy revealed his newest game called Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy through that month’s Humble Bundle, and it took a similar approach to challenging players to do basic movements using extremely difficult mechanics. This is a game for the masochists out there. Today, an iOS version of Getting Over It ($4.99) has arrived, and it is a total hoot. You play as a man sitting in a metal cauldron holding a sledgehammer-type tool, and your only means of moving is to use the sledgehammer to push yourself off of whatever you can find to lunge yourself forward. The goal is to climb a rocky landscape that would be difficult for even the most able-bodied person to climb, and is basically impossible for this cauldron-bound gentleman. Check out the trailer.

See? He very plainly says he created this game to hurt you, and hurt you it will. To some, that will be an absolute turnoff, but to another subset of gamers out there, this will be enthralling. As impossible as the landscape seems to be to traverse, you actually can use the physics system in very interesting ways to make progress up the mountain. You will no doubt fail many times, often losing tons of progress in the process, but something about Getting Over It beckons you to come back and keep trying. It’s a lovely message about overcoming adversity and never giving up even in the face of insurmountable odds, and it’s also a very silly physics-based game that will drive you mad. I love it! Another interesting tidbit is that apparently an iOS version wasn’t planned, but Flipflop Solitaire (Free) developer Zach Gage liked the game so much he jumped in to help develop the mobile port along with fellow developer Matt Boch. The whole thing also seems to have come about thanks to a bar bet the two had with Foddy.

That’s… kind of awesome! Especially the part about this all starting “a couple weeks ago." That’s a damn quick turnaround for a mobile port of a desktop game, and apparently that’s what the bet revolved around, as Gage states in a follow-up tweet. The whole situation just makes me smile, but the important thing to remember is that, for better or worse, we can now play Getting Over It whenever and wherever we choose on our mobile devices. Just maybe don’t play it in a meeting at work or in front of any children, as it’s sure to make you shout profanities like a sailor, as evidenced by the pretty NSFW video attached to this tweet.

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