‘Gwent’-Like ‘Runewards’ Is Out Worldwide

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If you’re looking for a collectible card game that offers something different from games like Hearthstone and Magic, you might want to check out Runewards (Free), which has just released worldwide (outside China, though). Runewards takes inspiration from Gwent, the PC-only card game inspired by the Witcher 3, and by doing so offers a fresh take on mobile card games. The basic idea behind Runewards is you play against your opponent in a best of three matches, and your goal is to have more points than your opponent at the end of each round. Even if the game was just about that, it would be different enough from other card games to warrant your attention.

The even more fun part of the game is how you get those points. Each turn you can place a card on the board and each card adds its power to your total power. However, since the game is more than just one round long, you have to try and bluff your way to victory or anticipate what your opponent is going to play and counter it, all the while trying to think about the long game. It’s a fun recipe for a card game and one that should get different parts of your brain going. The game comes with Seasonal Leagues, solo play, and more, so plenty of ways to have fun. If you’ve been looking for something different, check out Runewards.

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