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‘Arena of Valor’ Devs Explain How Recording and Gifting Features Work

Arena of Valor’s latest update has added a few cool new features, but it looks like they aren’t that easy to navigate. So, the developers decided to post a more detailed FAQ that explain how the various new additions work. The post explains how the Highlight Reel and Free Record functions work, pointing out that you can’t enable both at the same time; you’ll either be recording your highlights or the whole match, can’t have both. These features only work on iPhone 6s and above and an iPad mini 4/iPad Pro and above. No iPhone X support at the moment, but it should be coming in the next version. The videos you make are found in the Settings/Watch Clips or the Videos part of the Player Info screen.

The FAQ also explains why some players might have issues gifting skins to others. In order to do so, you have to be friends with the other person for more than 3 days, both should be 15 level and above, and you can only send or receive 5 skins at most in one day. The FAQ also includes some other clarifications and troubleshooting, so if you’ve been having issues, head over here and check it out.