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Adventure Game ’57° North’ Will Utilize the Merge Cube, a Futuristic AR/VR Combo

The future is gradually upon us, apparently. 57° North, the upcoming game from Mighty Coconut, tells the story of Sasha and Caleb, two cousins on a family trip to Alaska who get stranded on a remote island after a vicious storm. You will have to figure out how to help the two cousins escape while also trying to figure out the secret of this deserted island, which is packed with security cameras for apparently no reason. The most interesting part of 57° North is that it utilizes what’s called Merge Cube, an interesting little cube that helps create an intriguing mixed reality that can help immerse you into the story, and that’s what the developers of 57° North are hoping happens.

At $14.99, the Merge Cube is pretty cheap, and I’m curious to see how mobile games will play when using it. Although peripherals are notorious for not selling that well, it’s always interesting seeing how developers use new technology, and that’s why I’m curious to see how the combo of the Merge Cube and 57° North will play out. The game releases December 21st, and you can find out more about it here.