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Colin Lane’s ‘Big Shot Boxing’ is “Hitting” the App Store this Thursday

I love all of Colin Lane’s and his vast array of collaborators’ games, as they’re largely multiplayer-focused, physics-based, and totally silly in some way. And that is certainly true of his latest upcoming game, Big Shot Boxing, which has been in the works for quite some time but was only officially announced this past April when Lane put out a call for beta testers. Now the game is finally complete and an official release date of December 7th has been revealed. Hey that’s just a couple of days away! While it’s certainly a silly take on boxing with competitors who have absurdly long arms, what’s interesting to me about Big Shot Boxing is it looks to have a bit more meat on its bones than your typical arcadey sports game. More on that in a second though, first check out the most recent trailer for Big Shot Boxing.

So, what makes this different than the more arcade-style sports games Lane has released previously? Well, it has a pretty deep career mode where you’ll earn money by accepting challenges and winning fights, and then turn around and put that money into upgrading your fighter. Pretty standard stuff, but what’s really interesting about Big Shot Boxing is that your fighter will actually age as your career progresses and you’ll lose stats over time because of it. Dealing with the effects of aging is a really neat wrinkle to the typical career mode, and there will also be a bunch of random elements thrown into the game to keep things spicy. As Lane himself describes, “You can win or lose any fight at any time." Big Shot Boxing will be free with ads and a one-time IAP to remove them, and I’m really looking forward to checking it out when it arrives this Thursday.