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‘Arena of Valor’ Adding Highlight Recording, Gifting, and More in Dec. 4th Update

Arena of Valor, Tencent’s popular MOBA, is still nowhere near ready to make its debuts in North America, but that doesn’t mean it’s not growing still. On December 4th, the game will receive Update 11, and this update has some pretty cool new features that I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy once the game hits these shores. The first fun new feature is the ability to record and share your highlights, because what is a victory if you have nothing to show for it? You can also record the whole match if you prefer, although that’s not as fun I guess. You will also be able to livestream your matches, although I think that’s more Android than iOS.

The update will also let you add friends more easily and complain about/praise other players’ performance. You will also have the option of gifting skins and other items to fellow players, which is a fun way of making friends and helping beginners. And the update will also improve matchmaking balance, which is always welcome. Sorry, no updates on a North American release date yet, so patience is the word.