Scott Cawthon Is Releasing a ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ “Fun Little Game”

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Scott Cawthon, of Five Night at Freddy’s ($2.99) fame, has made it a habit to tease new games, new lore details, and in general all kinds of things partly in an attempt to get his huge fanbase looking under every word and behind every comma for clues. And he appears to continue those old tricks with a teaser about a new game based on the popular franchise. He has recently posted on Steam that he’s working on a new game, some kind of pizzeria management game. And then he started adding teaser images to his webpage. The teasers have Freddy slinging pizzas toward three smiling children in what looks like a screen from retro games.

Yesterday, Cawthon posted that image with the text “in two days" at the bottom," and just a few minutes ago that text changed to “in one day." Just a few hours ago, though, Cawthon went on Steam to explain that the Pizzeria Simulator game was supposed to be a little fun game for the community, not a major release. He apologized for hyping the game more than he should and said the game should come out today or tomorrow. This is Cawthon, though, so take everything he says with a big pinch of salt because he’s been known to not be completely “honest" when it comes to his game releases. We’ll see today or tomorrow what we’ll get and for which platform.

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