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‘Jumanji: The Mobile Game’ Turns the Upcoming Movie Into a Board Game/CCG Mix – Game Releasing Dec. 14th

The original Jumanji movie, with the gone-too-soon Robin Williams, was one of my favorite movies growing up. As you’d expect, then, I was quite nervous about the upcoming remake of the movie (starring The Rock), but I feel a bit better about it after reading some positive early reviews. The new Jumanji movie tells the story of four students who get sucked into a video game, and soon mobile gamers will also have the chance to get sucked into the world of Jumanji. Starting December 14th (although the game is already soft launched in Thailand and Canada), mobile gamers can play Jumanji: The Mobile Game, a mix of a board game and card collectible game that looks more than just a cash grab.

In Jumanji: The Mobile Game you learn to use different cards to avoid the traps and pitfalls the Jumanji board has in store for you, and by customizing and upgrading your cards, you improve your chances of making it through the dangerous world that is Jumanji. And this game isn’t just healthy competition; it also invites you to raid other players’ campsites and steal their gold. Depending on which character from the upcoming movie you pick, you have different skills and perks. The game is soft launched already, and if you pre-register here, you’ll get some fun perks when the game releases December 14th.