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‘Gorogoa’, Annapurna Interactive and Jason Roberts’ Gorgeous, Fascinating Puzzle Game, Releasing December 14th

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Publisher Annapurna Interactive is bringing some eclectic games to mobile, and the upcoming Gorogoa is definitely one of them. Gorogoa, which releases December 14th, is a tile-sliding puzzle game with a unique story and gorgeous hand-drawn art. We got to see the game at PAX South 2017, and we were pretty impressed by what we saw. As you can see at the end of the trailer below, the game takes place across four tiles that you can slide around in different places as well as manipulate in certain ways. The tiles can interact with each other, like placing a bowl underneath an apple that’s next to a crow so that the crow can drop the apple into the bowl.

But, unlike in a game like Framed, in Gorogoa you do more than just move tiles next to each other. For instance, you can zoom in to different items or even move whole overlays from one tile to the other. In addition to this very smart mechanic, Gorogoa has some great hand-drawn art courtesy of Jason Roberts, who is the developer, designer, and illustrator of the game. Add to that an interesting narrative with all kinds of symbolism and imagery, and you’ve got yourself an intriguing, and gorgeous, game. Gorogoa comes to the App Store December 14th, and I’m looking forward to this one.

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