The TouchArcade Show Rewind: A 2012 Interview With Zach Gage

I’m in London right now for the Clash Royale world championships, and had planned on doing this real cool podcast focusing on mobile esports based on my experiences here… Then the reality of hotel WiFi kicked in. I’m currently rocking around 50% packet loss, which has made even posting these week-ending posts borderline impossible. So, we’re running a rewind. This one is a cool one though, originally posted back in May of 2012, we sat down with Zach Gage who most recently is responsible for the fantastic Flipflop Solitaire (Free). What I think is particularly fascinating about this episode in particular is that Zach is one of the exceedingly short list of indie developers who were around for the early days of the App Store who is still releasing successful games without really needing to diverge much at all from his original titles. He’s still releasing great puzzlers, and his entire catalog is still worth playing- even the old stuff.

Original show notes by Brad Nicholson are as follows:

On this week’s bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, Eli and I hit up Zach Gage of Zach Gage fame. You should get to know him. He’s the brains behind one of the best words game on the App Store, and he’s a super opinionated guy who isn’t afraid to have a discussion about games as art or his current level of cleanliness. In fact, we dive into these two topics pretty hard during our conversation, if you haven’t guessed already.

This is easily our most laid-back discussion we’ve ever had on the show, but I think it’ll end up giving you a really good idea of who Gage is, how he approaches game development, and how things like his personality and background inform that work. We cover a lot of ground in a really short amount of time in this podcast, and even touch on what Gage is doing right now.

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We’ll be back later this week with another regular episode of the TouchArcade Show.