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‘Frog Souls’ Wants to Be the ‘Dark Souls’ of Frog-Based Twitch Games

Australian indie developer Tristan Slywa aka FABA is readying the release of his second iOS game following the clever color-matching high-scorer Boomdude (Free) earlier this year, and if you like frogs and weirdness I think you’ll be in for a treat. The new game is called Frog Souls and it most definitely takes inspiration from FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. I mean, it’s right there in the title! Specifically, FABA says Frog Souls is “An homage to Dark Souls (aka best game ever)" and it has you “mastering enemy and boss patterns to survive, and being punished for rushing along." All this isn’t in an open-world 3D action RPG though, and instead is in a two-button twitch game. Here’s the Frog Souls trailer.

What’s so cool to me about Frog Souls is all the mystery surrounding it. Yes, you’ll be jumping and slashing your way through 25 unique enemy types and 4 bosses, but there’s also 4 unique hidden bosses to discover as well as the ability to equip various types of rings that change up the gameplay formula in different ways. Also, the game actually has a storyline to play through as well as additional side quests to seek out and complete, and there’s a variety of different swords and hats to unlock and equip to your frog here. Hats are quite possibly the most important advancement in modern gaming so it’s good to see them included here. Frog Souls is shooting for release before Christmas and currently is taking beta testing requests in our forums for those who want to take it for an early spin and provide some feedback ahead of its official launch.