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‘Treasure Raiders’ Looks Like a Fun New Shooter, Coming Early 2018 but in Open Beta on Android Now

One of the happy side effects of all the major companies pumping out generic shooter after generic shooter over the years is that games started focusing on giving their characters actual personalities and unique traits to help set them apart from the pack. You could argue that Valve was way ahead of its time in doing this with Team Fortress 2 a decade ago, but nowadays most major online team-based games like Overwatch or League of Legends feature a colorful cast of playable characters to choose from, and Oasis Games is getting into the mix with their upcoming game Treasure Raiders. It’s kind of a mix of MOBA and a typical run and gun action RPG, and it features five very distinct playable characters which are introduced in the following trailer.

Treasure Raiders will have to main modes: PvE and PvP. The PvE has you completing various quests and taking on boss fights in order to earn experience and resources to level up your character and upgrade your equipment. It’s designed for cooperative play with other players but can also be played solo. PvP is pretty much what you’d expect and will feature both 1v1 ranked combat as well as 4v4 team-based battles where your objective is to destroy the other team’s base. The worldwide launch of Treasure Raiders is planned for early 2018, but the game is actually already in open beta on Android and you can grab it on Google Play right now. There’s some bonuses for beta players which are detailed on the game’s official site, along with other interesting stuff like full character profiles and more. Treasure Raiders is looking like a lot of fun so we’ll keep our eye on its progress and I’m sure will be talking about it more as we head into 2018.