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Jumping is the Key to Survival in the Aptly Titled ‘Sir Vival – Do Something or Die!’, Coming December 7th

There are clever game names and then there’s Sir Vival – Do Something or Die!, which is pretty much next level when it comes to a perfect name for a game about survival. In it you play as the titular Sir Vival as you bounce through an endless supply of over 30 different types of environments collecting stars and hopefully avoiding the numerous hazards. Jumping is automatic so your only job as the player is to guide Sir Vival left and right by touching either side of the screen. It’s sort of like Bean Dreams ($2.99) meets 1001 Attempts (Free). Check out the trailer.

Occasionally as you’re bopping around collecting stars and hopefully not crashing into an instant death, a square will drop from the sky and if you can manage to jump into it you’ll warp to a different stage. Some stages have special aspects like the one with the, ahem, a bit too familiar invaders from space which you’ll automatically shoot at just by moving. Also, all the stars you collect will go towards unlocking tons of new characters to play. All in all this seems like the type of twitchy game that’s right up my alley, and I’m looking forward to Sir Vival’s release on December 7th. Or, if you want a chance to check it out early, you might be able to snag a promo code from the developer in the game’s forum thread.