Raunchy Real-Time Brawler ‘South Park: Phone Destroyer’ Has Launched Worldwide on the App Store

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The South Park series has always been legendary amongst anyone who likes irreverent, offensive and ultimately hilarious cartoons, however it’s only recently that the franchise has made a significant impact on the gaming industry. 2014’s The Stick of Truth on consoles was a surprisingly deep and engrossing Paper Mario-esque take on the RPG genre, and this year’s The Fractured But Whole kept up the euphemistic naming pattern while also receiving strong reviews from critics. As a result, it was inevitable that Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s iconic animated sitcom would make a major appearance on mobile, and today the long-awaited South Park: Phone Destroyer (Free) has finally released worldwide on the App Store. Featuring some typically inappropriate PVP combat, Phone Destroyer has gone down well amongst our forum members in its soft launch, and looks to be a fitting mobile debut for the cartoon.

Before mobile gaming historians get on my back, I’m well aware that a quirky physics puzzler called South Park Imaginationland released in the early days of the App Store, but that title was really South Park related in name alone. Phone Destroyer is a far more considered release, and is as fully featured as you’d expect for a mobile game in 2017, for better and for worse. The real-time PVP battle system and card-based upgrade system is somewhat reminiscent of Clash Royale, and the production values and humor are suitably excellent for a recent South Park gaming release. If the game’s single-player story can be engaging and fleshed-out enough to bring justice to the series, South Park: Phone Destroyer might just be the mobile release fans have been waiting for. Download Phone Destroyer on the App Store now, and let us know your own impressions on our Discord server and forum thread.

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