‘The Last Jedi’ Rey and Kylo Ren Coming to ‘Star Wars: Force Arena’ Today

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The Last Jedi movie is coming closer, so—as was to be expected—Star Wars mobile games are getting in on the fun. Now is the turn of Star Wars: Force Arena (Free) to join the Jedi party. Today’s update will bring to the game twelve new playable units, with Rey and Kylo Ren leading the way. Rey will bring alongside her the Millenium Falcon, which will appear in the game for the first time. Kylo Ren will have a special skill called Rage, which makes me think of the SNL skit about Kylo Ren and Undercover Boss (worth watching for sure). The update also adds brand new units like Grenadiers, Medics, Resistance Troopers, T-70 X-Wings, First Order Stormtroopers, Riot Control Stormtroopers, Flame Troopers, and Tie Fighters.

In addition to the troops, the update is adding a new PvE Single Player mode called Tactical Training, which adds new maps and special challenges. If you enjoy Star Wars: Force Arena, you’re probably one of the many who are looking forward to The Last Jedi, so I expect you’ll enjoy the new troops, especially Rey and Kylo. The update is going live today.

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