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Watch ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Live at 1PM PDT Today

As you probably know if you’ve been trying to get into the Magic: The Gathering Arena Beta, you won’t be able to stream or show the game until months from now, so the only chances we get to see the game live is when the developers stream it for us. Well, in about 30 minutes from now, you can tune in to the official Twitch channel of MTGA and watch the developers talk about the game while streaming some new decks. That way, you’ll be able to either ask questions about the game or just watch and see how the game is coming about. So far, it looks very promising and better than Duels, although Magic has so many moving pieces that we’ll have to wait and see the finished product to see if they nailed it.

The Beta for the game started last weekend with a stress test, but—as I mentioned before—there’s an NDA standing in the way of anyone saying too much about the game. I do have to say that I’m excited to see how MTGA looks and plays once it’s done, and I’m pretty optimistic that this time around, Wizards will finally nail it. Enjoy the stream and let me know in the comments what you think about the game so far.