Buy ‘Twitch’ Bits on the Mobile App, PayPal Purchasing and Subscription Gifting Coming Soon

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I know that many of you enjoy watching us stream all kinds of games on our Twitch (Free) channel but can’t always show your support if you do your watching on the mobile app. Fortunately, that’s about to change. Twitch has just announced that starting today, you can buy Bits on the mobile app (although it’s going to take a couple of weeks for the functionality to go live in the 40 countries or so that the feature will be available). The Buy Bits button will now appear at the bottom of the chat, and once you tap it, you’ll be able to pick a Bits bundle and show us how much fun you’re having. Bits pricing on mobile will be a bit higher though (those pesky fees).

This is just one of three major Bits-related features coming in the near future. We are also getting the ability to buy Bits using PayPal—for those who don’t like using credit cards—and the ability to do Subscription Gifting. The last two features should be coming in the next couple of months or so, but the Mobile Bits feature is live now. See you on our streams, and thank you in advance for the Bits.

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