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Take an Arrow to the Knee in ‘Battle of Arrow’

I’m sorry, I couldn’t write about an archery game and not mention the famous Skyrim line about taking an arrow to the knee, even though in Battle of Arrow you’ll be aiming for heads more than knees. This upcoming game is all about real-time PvP where you try and take out your opponents before they take you out. As you would expect in a game like this one, you’ll collect items, upgrade your skills, and pick the weapons that best fit your playing style. Most of the shooting happens on horseback, which should add a bit more excitement to the whole trying to puncture your opponent’s head with an arrow part.

In addition to the PvP part, Battle of Arrow also includes a raid mode where four players will work together in real time to take on bosses. And there’s a campaign mode as well for those who head people. You can pre-register for the game on Android here, and if you’re an iOS player, you shouldn’t have to wait too long before the game is out worldwide. Good hunting.