‘Catan Stories’ Offers a Different Take on the Popular Board Game

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Catan (and all its numerous expansions) is one of the most popular board games out there, even though most people I know don’t actually like to play it. Today, Asmodee Digital has decided to give us a different take on the board game with Catan Stories ($1.99), a text adventure game inspired by the board game. This is the first time Asmodee Digital has interpreted a board game into a different genre rather than just turn the physical into digital. Catan Stories: The Legend of the Sea Robbers is based on the (you guessed it) Legend of the Sea Robbers Catan expansion and has you following the journey of three new characters in what looks like a very pretty game.

The game isn’t just all text; it comes with a really nice looking map and 360 degrees visions, which make more sense if you watch the trailer below. And, just like in the board game, the decisions you make will change the fate of the island, although how consequential they are remains to be seen. If you like the world of Catan and were looking for a new way to experience it or are just looking for a new text-adventure to play, check out Catan Stories, out now for $1.99.

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