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Glowmade and Tequila Works Announce ‘WonderWorlds’, an “Adventure Creator” that’s Like ‘LittleBigPlanet’ for Mobile

Tequila Works, the Spanish developer most widely known for the puzzle adventure Rime, and Glowmade, the English developer who is just getting started, have announced their new collaborative project called WonderWorlds. It’s described as “an action-adventure game creator thing" and it’s hard not to compare it to the fantastic LittleBigPlanet in terms of the creation aspect of the game. Besides having hand-made levels and a story to play through, WonderWorlds will also feature a seemingly robust level creator which you can see in action in the following trailer.

Gosh, this game is adorable. I absolutely love it. Glowmade’s mission statement for making games, even before WonderWorlds was started, was to make “something creative and joyful. Something that makes us feel good, and hopefully you too" and I feel like that mantra is oozing out of the above trailer. While the developers haven’t announced a specific release date beyond “fall" you’ll be happy to know that WonderWorlds is currently in soft launch in Canada so if you’ve got an iTunes account in that region you can take it for an early spin using this link. It might be out in other territories too, so check your local region. Until we have a hard release date for WonderWorlds you can find discussion and impressions from other early players in our forums.

UPDATE: It appears WonderWorlds has been taken down from the Canadian App Store (and Philippines App Store, where the game was also soft-launched). No word on why but if we get any information about its disappearance or a specific release date for the global launch we’ll let you know.

UPDATE 2: The soft-launched versions are back!