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Tomorrow’s ‘Arena of Valor’ Esport AMA Should Make for an Interesting Read

What makes a good mobile esport game? That is a question that many developers (and investors) are dying to answer, but it’s not an easy one to figure out. The developers of Arena of Valor, Tencent’s huge MOBA, are also wondering whether the game will make for a good esport, and they want to hear from players tomorrow during the game’s first Reddit AMA. At 17:00 CET, you’ll get a chance to talk to the developers about Arena of Valor‘s esport potential, whether you think changes are needed for the game to take off, or even whether the esport effort and money should be put elsewhere.

Personally, I’m all for organic esport development rather than a top-down one, but at the same time most developers feel the need to advertise a game’s esport potential as a way to show the game’s competitive nature and level of polish. I’m interested in seeing how Arena of Valor performs in that area, and I’m curious to see the developers’ thoughts on the topic tomorrow on Reddit. Do you want to see Arena of Valor as an esport?